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Monday, 28 September 2015

YouTube - asanee wasan อัสนี วสันต์ กรุงเทพมหานคร


This is one of my favourite Thai-band. In Thailand there is plenty of good bands.

Maybe this time i put here some of my favourite bands from Thailand.

Just waiting my holiday to Thailand on next month. I have only drink 2-3 beers

on last 6 months during to stay back home. But i think in Thailand i drink a 

little bit more.  Listen good live-bands on Pattaya and watching nice looking ladies and after one month going to Chiang Mai to play golf.  So lets see what happened.

Porkka Playboys - Burn (Deep Purple)

Porkka Playboys - Ace of spades

Sunday, 21 December 2014


Im just stayed a Chiangmai one month. Not so many tourists and prices are going higher and higher every year. Only gasoline is now little bit cheaper. Weather is very nice now at Chiangmai, night time only 15-17 degrees. I liked that. And on golfcourses also not so many players. I heard that Korean players going nowdays to Danang Vietnam because greenfees at Chiangmai are too expensive. But i think that is good new. Mezzanine Koolpuntville change name to North Hill and have 18 holes now. But it is very difficult but no players there and no need a booking tee-off advance. Just going there and play.

Back to Phnom Penh

Now i have been on Phnom Penh two days. Not so much tourist now in here, same as Thailand. Weather is nice , ladies are beatiful and beer is cold, what else you need.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Now back in the Thailand

Hi, now i have been at Pattaya 11 days. I never seen so less tourists in Pattaya. It is a shame , so many baars close now. When i was in Immigration there was not many customers but it was good to me. I didn't need to wait long time. I hope that Pattaya is not going down, now it seems very bad. And it's also raining every day. I don't know about golf yet, maybe im going to play after one and half weeks.
Now it's time to drink and play guitar a little bit.

Monday, 17 March 2014

On Chiangmai 3 month and 3 weeks

Today im came back from Chiangmai. I was there 3  month and 3 weeks. It was a great place. The weather was so cooled on the evenings and nights. Nightlife is a little bit different that on Pattaya. But there is also something haappening. Many good bands, many jamming nights for example Boy Blue bar on night bazaar. There is jamming night every monday and so many good falang musicians playing there. One of the best is from Finland Mr. Harry Trouble. I recommended. Golf is quite expensive in there. There is not many courses under 3000thb greenfee. But a few very good nine holes course. I bought 2 yearly membership to 2 different courses then the greenfee ia reasonably. To Mae Jo Golfresort and Mezzanine Golfcourse. They are both great golfcourses. And now i spent my last holiday week on Pattaya and after that back to Finland.